My Story

Hello, I'm Allie Vespa, and I want to share with you a journey that has profoundly shaped who I am and the work I do at Awaken You Therapy. This journey, marked by moments of deep introspection, challenges, and epiphanies, started in the least expected place and time.

In 2016, my life looked like a picture of conventional success. With an Ivy League education, an MBA in hand, and a thriving career on Wall Street, I was on the fast track to what many would consider the pinnacle of success. I was primed for the corner office, but deep down, I felt an unshakable sense of unfulfillment.

The turning point came during a trip to Peru, a land steeped in ancient wisdom and spiritual energy. It wasn't a quest for enlightenment that led me there, but rather a simple desire to explore. However, what I found was more than just scenic landscapes and cultural richness. I experienced a profound spiritual awakening, a moment of clarity where I realized that the life I was leading was not aligned with my true self. I was living a life surrounded by external success and lacking inner peace, fulfillment, and connection with my self.

This awakening was not induced by any external substances but was a spontaneous realization, a deep connection with the energies of the land. I understood that my passion lay not in the bustling world of finance but in exploring the depths of the human psyche and spirit. I knew then that my calling was to guide others on their paths to healing and self-discovery.

Transitioning from finance to the world of holistic wellness was not an easy path. It meant stepping out of a career that promised stability and recognition into an unknown realm. It required me to embrace vulnerability and to trust in the journey. I had to unlearn many things and open myself to new learning - from psychotherapy and yoga therapy to holistic psychospiritual counseling.

As I delved deeper into these fields, I realized how disconnected many of us are from our true selves. I saw the immense need for a space where individuals could explore their inner worlds, heal from their past, and grow into their full potential. This realization led to the birth of Awaken You Therapy, a practice where I combine my diverse skills and experiences to create a unique, holistic approach to wellness.

At Awaken You Therapy, we delve into the intricacies of the mind, embrace the wisdom of the body, and explore the realm of the spirit. I guide my clients through processes of self-awareness, empowering them to find balance and harmony in their lives. It's a journey of transformation, of shedding layers that no longer serve and embracing one's true essence.

Reflecting on my journey, I see it as a beautiful tapestry of experiences, each thread representing a step towards understanding and embracing my authentic self. It's a path that has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

And now, I extend an invitation to you. If you find yourself at a crossroads, seeking more from life than just the conventional measures of success, if you're yearning to connect with your true self and embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery, Awaken You Therapy is here for you. Together, we can explore the depths of your being and unlock the doors to a more fulfilled, harmonious life. 

Are you ready to take the first step on this transformative journey?

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Empowering Your Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing